He have gathered many beautiful moments during our journey

Boots A.G. authentically are sewn by hand. The heel is made exclusively for each boot; insole heel-plates are cropped and then case-hardened. These are reinforced with ringed nails, so they cannot be removed. The other factories place heel standard and this does not allow that the boot seats well. In A.G. all the boots tediously have the painted edges by hand with a shining black color that gives a fine completion him. The threads where upon stick close to boots A.G are of nylon of first quality preventing that the rubbing, the humidity, the sweat of the horse deteriorates it. In addition you will be able to appreciate that where she begins or she finishes to a seam threads ties them and she burns them; avoiding this, that the descosa boot. Whit respect to seams also we were different ourselves so that never a boot A.G. will have jumped stitch. Also these are even.
The leathers that we used carefully are selected of small animals this causes that he is firmer more durable and but resistant. Probably in some boot some mark in leather is seen this is because are leathers dyed (not painted ) with anilines that allow to see the flower and in addition leave the leather breathes naturally.
The lining that is used in A.G is of nobuk of considerable thickness as much in the cane and the shoe this is possible solely because the boot this done by hand. Nobuk allow the polista that absorbs the humidity to him of the foot and has better adhesion on the foot. The sole is of sink. Left four months in rest to give greater durability him since the polo boot is a footwear that is demanded to him always to the maximum.